Psychometric Testing

Apart from vetting new recruits IBP Psychometric testing Solutions are also used for selecting and evaluating current employees relevant to training, promotion, transfer and reassignment.

Personality Tests

Our Personality Tests help identify the dominant behaviors and working styles of employee, and help organizations select employees who can hit the ground running, not only in terms of knowhow, but also how well they gel with the organization’s culture & dynamics.

Job Specific Customized Tests

Through the years we have worked closely with different organizations to develop tests specific to the personality traits, skills, abilities and attitudes that they are looking for. Our background in psychology gives us a unique edge to understand, formulate and execute assessment tools unique to the company’s requirements.

Aptitude Tests

IBP’s Aptitude Tests are structured to measure the key skills required for job specific hiring. Our aptitude tests measure numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgments, and technical skills, as per the needs of the job and employer.

EQ Tests

In everyday life, people with a higher EQ or Emotional Quotient are found to be much more productive than just those with a high IQ. Tests of Emotional Intelligence provide employers with an insight into how well a candidate can work with other people and how well he/she can handle stress and conflict in the work place.

Non Verbal Tests

Specifically designed for organizations having a work force not familiar with English as a language. Nonverbal tests can be used for people with any educational background, no matter what language they speak. They help to identify logical thinking and spatial ability, as well as those who are quick learners and can see ‘the big picture

IQ Tests

Generally administered in a one on one setting, IQ tests consist of a series of subtests that measure different skills and abilities that all together make up the IQ or Intelligence Quotient.

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What We Offer

  • Employee Development
  • Health, Safety, Environment
  • Employee and Family Counseling
  • Why Choose Our Psychometric Testing Services?

    1. Precision and Accuracy: Our psychometric tests are crafted with precision, utilizing the latest methodologies to ensure accuracy in evaluating various aspects of an individual’s capabilities and personality.

    2. Tailored Solutions: We recognize that every individual and organization is unique. Therefore, our psychometric testing services are customizable to meet specific requirements, providing targeted insights that align with your goals.

    3. Comprehensive Insights: Our assessments go beyond the surface, offering a holistic view of an individual’s abilities, preferences, and potential challenges. This depth of understanding enables more informed decision-making in areas such as recruitment, talent management, and personal development.

    4. Scientific Rigor: Our psychometric tests are developed and validated with the highest scientific rigor, ensuring reliability and validity in every assessment. You can trust the results to be a solid foundation for strategic decisions.

    Key Features of Our Psychometric Testing Services:

    1. Personality Assessments: Gain profound insights into an individual’s personality traits, preferences, and behavioral tendencies.

    2. Cognitive Ability Tests: Assess intellectual capabilities and problem-solving skills, providing a comprehensive understanding of cognitive strengths.

    3. Occupational Aptitude Tests: Match individuals with roles that align with their natural aptitudes, optimizing job satisfaction and performance.

    4. Team Compatibility Assessments: Facilitate better team dynamics by understanding the compatibility and diversity of team members’ working styles.

    Industries We Serve:

    • Human Resources and Recruitment: Streamline your hiring process with insights into candidates’ personalities, ensuring the right fit for your organizational culture.

    • Education and Career Counseling: Guide individuals on educational and career paths that align with their strengths and aspirations.

    • Professional Development: Tailor training and development programs based on individuals’ psychometric profiles for enhanced effectiveness.

    • Organizational Development: Foster a positive work environment and optimize team structures with data-driven decisions.

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    Embark on a journey of self-discovery and strategic decision-making with our unparalleled psychometric testing services. Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth or an organization striving for excellence, We are your trusted partner on this transformative path.

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