Some of our success stories

- A leading multinational petroleum company in Pakistan was facing a very high accident and fatality rate amongst Oil Tanker Drivers in Pakistan. IBP conducted meetings with Company Management, Tanker Contractors and Drivers to develop a need based Defensive Driving Program. The outcome was ROADD® – Realization of Attitudes in Defensive Driving. This behavior based Defensive Driving Program was conducted amongst 7000+ Oil Tanker Drivers all over Pakistan. The result was better relations between drivers, contractors and managers as well as a zero accident rate.

This program was adapted by the Company for its Sri Lanka, Malaysia and UK businesses as well. Later, other subsidiaries of the company as well as local petroleum companies also adopted this program amongst its tanker drivers.

- A power sector company in Karachi was experiencing an all time low amongst relations between management and workers, post privatization. There had been mass rioting and large scale destruction of property by the workers, who saw management as the ‘enemy’, and refused to abide by any of the new policies and procedures introduced by the Company. Our psychologists held meetings with the workers to identify the conflict causing situations and attitudes. The results was Tameel-e-Azm®, a behavior based program designed to elicit a Positive Mindset Change amongst workers. This training was conducted amongst 6000 company employees, and was the largest exercise of its sort in South East Asia. After Tameel-e-Azm, worker / management relations improved significantly, and the result was a motivated, energized and enthusiastic workforce

- A multinational oil and gas company in Pakistan was facing a high accident rate amongst workers, due to non compliance towards safety practices and procedures. After carrying out extensive surveys regarding attitudes of workers towards safety, our professional psychologists were able to pin point those attitudes and the reasons behind them that resulted in non compliance towards safety policies and procedures. The result was RASTA® - Reenergizing Attitudes of Safety Towards All. This program was carried out at the various camp sites and rigs of the company, and resulted in a significant drop in accidents, and rise in worker’s ownership of safety procedures and the overall safety climate of the Company.