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Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless. Our Behavior Based Safety Training Programs are designed with an understanding of human psychology to bring about permanent change in attitudes and perceptions towards safety.

Realization Of Attitudes in Defensive Driving (ROADD)

One of our most successful programs, ROADD focuses on keeping drivers safe, secure and in
good health, on the road and in life.
The program consists of two distinct but inter related components. The first component
focuses on developing positive attitudes and fostering a mindset change towards road safety.
The second component focuses on development of driver skills and knowledge.
The ROADD program was developed after extensive research and interviews with Pakistani
tankers drivers. It is the only program in Pakistan that has been developed keeping in mind
the psychology and motivating factors of Pakistani Tanker Drivers, and believes in achieving a
‘zero accident rate’

Behavior Based Safety Training

Experts in the field of safety know that safe work practices start in the mind. Providing workers
with all the safety gear in the world will not ensure safe work practices until workers buy into
the practices.
This is where our psychological expertise and experience comes in. IBP develops Behavior
Based Safety Training after extensive interviews and observations of the target audience.
Given our extensive experience we are in a unique position to identify behavioral issues that
provide road blocks to adopting safe work practices, develop relevant action plans to counter
these issues, implement corrective actions and attitudes and evaluate their effectiveness.
Because our behavior based safety training involves all levels and implementing safety rules
and standards becomes everyone’s responsibility, and not just one person or team.