About Us

IBP Corporate Services is an industry leader in providing psychology based business consultancy services. We specialize in offering behavior based solutions to organizational challenges.

Our team comprises of a unique blend of business experts, psychologists, mental health specialists and human development experts. Since the last 30 years we have consulted with organizations in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, transportation, energy, food, utilities and government sectors to improve management, motivation, leadership and safety.

From carrying out nationwide recruitment campaigns, to organization wide training and safety programs, our experts have provided innovative solutions to overwhelming problems. Our focus has always been to develop an organization’s most important asset, its human resource, while at the same time delivering goals measurable by their positive impact on the bottom line.

Corporate Services

Why choose IBP ?

Corporate Services

Psychometric Testing

Apart from vetting new recruits (hires)? Psychometric tests are also used for selecting and evaluating present (current?) employees relevant to training, promotion, transfer and reassignment.

Employee Development

Our Employee Development workshops are custom designed to focus on the critical training needs of each client, with a special understanding of the organizations unique culture, dynamics, demands & requirements.

Health, Safety, Environment

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless Realization Of Attitudes in Defensive Driving (ROADD) Behavior Based Safety Training


Organizations know that these are uncertain times. To thrive, they must help their employees negotiate. The stressors that are impacting their performance, whether they are work based or personal.

IBP’s Professional Team --->

With over 30 years of experience, our team comprises of a unique blend of business experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health specialists and human development experts.

  • Habiba Habib                    

Doctor of Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Founder, Institute of Behavioral Psychology, IBP Corporate Services, IBP Remedial Services, IBP School of Special Education (charity and community services).

40 years of experience in developing adapting and standardizing tools for psychological assessments according to Pakistani cultures, expertise in Behavior Based training programs, and Psychotherapy and Counseling.

Developing para professionals in handling emergencies and crisis situations.

  • Anushka Daroga Kharadi

M.Sc. Human Development

Over 30 years of experience in understanding human behavior and its impact on organizational culture and practices.

Worked closely with HSE teams both in Pakistan and abroad, to develop, implement and monitor safety standards and practices.  Helped develop Personality and Psychological assessments for Pakistani organizations and industries. 


  • Sanober Altaf

M.A. Psychology

34 years of experience in developing, conducting, adapting and analyzing various types of psychological tools and assessments.


  • Dr. Jawed Akbar Dars

MBBS. FCPS (Psych)

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Extensive experience in Employee Counselling, as well as conducting psychology based training sessions for various organizations.


  • Sobia Anwar

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Expertise in psychometric tests and analysis, psycho analysis, and psychotherapy.  Great in-depth analytical skills.


  • Summaiya Yasin

M.A. Clinical Psychology

Strong base in conducting counseling for adults, and employees of various organizations.


  • Syeda Batool Najam

M. Phil Clinical Psychology

Proficient in training trainers in the field, follow up sessions and coordinating with client organizations for smooth and effective running of the programs.